Churrasqueira Bairrada

Employment Opportunities

Become part of our renowned team of waiters, chefs and customer service representatives at Churrasqueira Bairrada. Download our Employment Application Form and then submit it on our apply now page. Read any yelp review, our waiters and staff are well renowned for their hard work and friendly attentive attitude.

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Dining Room

Jobs in both the kitchen and dining room. Waiter, kitchen prep, Sous Chef, Dishwasher, Rotating, Cooks, Cleaning, Prep.

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Take Out

Delivery in our delivery van, Cashier & Food Prep, good with customers. All sections need to have two sentences.

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Prep, Cleaning, Cooks, Chef, Sous Chef, Dishwasher, Rotating two lines of text, maybe three. But they alll need to be equal.

Office Application


Office & Accounting, Accountant, Office Assistant, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Intern, Graphic Designer. These are all available positions.