Churrasqueira Bairrada

Catering Options

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Group Party

20-50 guests

Celebrate any event at Churrasqueira Bairrada Restaurant and cheers over our delicious Sangria. Our group party size include 20-50 guests.

Private Party

50+ guests

Come celebrate life, love and family at Churrasqueira Bairrada. You and your guests of 50 or more will have a private gathering throughout the whole restaurant.

Off Premise Catering

Famous Rodizio Show

Have our staff come to you with one of our famous “Rodizio Shows.” Bring the authentic Rodizio experience to your home, and have your guests talking for months!

You Won’t Find Any Catering Restaurants on Long Island like Ours

No matter what you and your loved ones are celebrating, Churrasqueira Bairrada can make the experience worthwhile. Our Portuguese cuisine and authentic atmosphere will bring family and friends together. Bairrada is one of the premier catering restaurants on Long Island, widely known for our attentive staff and delicious dishes. Experience Bairrada’s rodizio and vast array of dining options. Create a menu that suits your needs. Choose from our meats, including Leitão Bairrada, a Bairrada style suckling pig. Come celebrate life at Churrasqueira Bairrada! Feel the attention and care our staff provides to make it one of the most enjoyable catering restaurants on Long Island.

Our Catering Options

Our catering options are suited to our guests’ expectations. For optimal service, we provide three catering experiences to choose from: group party, private party and off premise catering.

Our group party dining option consists of 20-50 guests. Once confirming the time and date with our head waiter, we will then ask you to select three items from our party menu, which include an entrée, drink option, and either an appetizer or coffee and dessert. Both appetizer and coffee & dessert can be chosen for an additional price.

Our private party option is an outstanding experience, making us an excellent choice for catering restaurants on Long Island. With 50 or more guests, we ask you to choose one drink option, an entrée and an appetizer or coffee and dessert from our party menu. Both appetizer and coffee & dessert can be chosen for an additional price.

We also offer off premise catering. This is our famous Rodizio Show where our staff comes to your event and serves our authentic Rodizio meats. Your guest will be sure to rave about the experience. Other dishes are also available for off premise catering.